What should be considered to select the right window? In our window guide, you will find tips on what to consider when changing windows.

Window Guide - Window Function, Window Window

Window Guide - Window Function, Window Window

A window's lifetime can be up to 40 years. Therefore, it is worth considering the feature. Practical window purging can be very annoying after a couple of decades. At the same time, there are many new window features to choose from - what do you need?

First and foremost: Do you really need to open all windows? An option to lower the price is to buy fixed windows. Just think of the location and the need for weathering. Moreover, solid windows can be safer. It is always important to consider the security which should of course be larger where the windows are easy to access.

How the window works has developed a lot in recent years. Today it is almost standard with reversible windows that are easier to brush. Side-hung windows are also available with tilting fonts that allow you to open the window to the top of the page for weathering. Another smart feature is windows that are lockable in reversal mode, which means that you do not need windshields to keep the window open.

How big windows do you want? Large windows can be expensive. Not only because they release heat in the winter. Without even because they release heat in the summer. Here you will find the benefits of choosing energy glasses that reflect heat in the right direction. It may also be worth choosing hardened safety glass in windows that reach far to the ground to reduce the risk of damage if you would fall through the window

There are even windows that are self-cleaning, or almost anyway. On the windows there is a coating that reacts with the sun's ultraviolet light with a chemical process that breaks down organic dirt. The windows are also treated to draw water. Therefore rainwater is even spread over the window and rinses the dirt that remains on the box. However, the technology is still expensive and the windows have a color tone that does not fit in all environments.

Window Guide - Select the Right Window

1. Which windows are best for your house
2. Are you willing to buy new windows?
3. Which window is best for the environment?
4. Energy windows and u-value of windows

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