Broken window pane? Here you will find tips on whether the window pane should break and the first action when the window pane breaks.

Window pane - If window pane breaks

Window pane - If window pane breaks

A soccer ball by intermittent, unintentionally hammering or surprising windy ... Sometimes, a window pane does not break much. And when that happens, it's always surprising - because that was not the meaning and rarely expected. If the accident is a normal working day, a broken window is rarely a disaster. To avoid paying the master's travel expenses, lift yourself from the window sash, clean it from glass splash, put it in the car and drive to the glass master who hopefully quickly puts a new box.

But unfortunately, an accident rarely occurs alone. The box may break one evening or weekend when the glass mansion has closed. Then you obviously need to cover the gaping window in some way until you can get help. In addition, if it's cold, blowing, raining or snowing, it's imperative that you cover so well that the material really meets the stresses. Otherwise, you will get into the storm and the housing will be quickly cooled.

In addition, it does not need to be weather-dramatic or drastic in any other way, so that a proper coverage may be needed. A broken window can be covered in many ways. The first thing with plastic film is the simplest, but it also has two disadvantages. Partly, the plastic can blow in bus weather, and then the cover leaves one and another nail hole afterwards - and you may want to avoid it. The second way is slightly more difficult, but a building board does not blow away, especially if you have anchored it with a bolt and a pair of nuts - and when you remove the cover, you will not have any nipple or hammer to flush again.

First action If the window pane breaks

1. Wear protective gloves.

2. Sweep up the glass platter so that you do not trample it in floors or carpets.

3. Carefully remove glass that remains in the window sill.

4. Put the split into a bucket or sheet jar.

5. Put thick plastic foil, such as a sack bag, over the window sill. Use the stapler.

6. In rain, snow or cold, cover the window sash with a building board. Avoid large nail holes.

7. Call the nearest glassmaker or prepare yourself to insert a new box.


Never place glass platters in a bag without packing it well, for example. a sheet of paper or a heavy cardboard box. Never work with glass without protective gloves. The risk is that you cut or get small, curly crush under the skin.

Cover plastic foil

1. Remove all glass residue from the window bow. Do not forget about protective gloves.

2.Fast thick plastic foil under eg. a list in the frame of the window frame.

3.Tension the diagonally over the window to avoid folding.

4.Place the foil along the two frame sides using a number of staples.

Cover the building board

1.Create a chipboard or fibreboard disc that is slightly larger than the window that breaks.

2.Pix a steady wooden block with a strong nail on the center of one side of the disc. Nail a board into the brick.

3.Place the disc to the outside of the window. Keep the board vertical and tighten.

4. With a bolt through a board / splint disc, you can get a very tight coverage.

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