Window Renovation. Here you will learn how to renovate and paint windows. Good tips, description and do-it-yourself instructions with explanatory photos.

Window Renovation - Learn to renovate and paint windows

Window Renovation - Learn to renovate and paint windows

Window renovation and maintenance of old windows is something a homeowner rarely escapes. It does not matter if the sun is shining or it is raining, snowing or hailing, neither if the air is dry or damp, if it is hot or cold, calm or windy, all weather wreaks on the window of the house. Therefore windows windows require a lot of regular maintenance. The homeowner who manages this self quickly becomes a professional on window cleaning and can save a lot of money. Neglected windows mean that the entire house unnecessarily early gets anti-aging. You can even say that the window is threefold weak:

3. If you can avoid stain stains on the glass, you are skilled or lucky. Remove them with a click scraper when the color is completely dry.

Do not forget that the final reminder of the window renovation is to install new sealing strips. It is also important to never paint over a sealing strip.

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