Wooden windows.

Window shutter - Build a wooden shutters

Window shutter - Build a wooden shutters

In this article you will find detailed information and make it yourself instructions with explanatory photographs on how to build wooden shutters.

In this article you will find detailed information about window shutters and how to build a wooden shutters. Window shutters on the house's frontage can create a cozy atmosphere around both the old village and the modern villa. Window shutters of jealousy model that we build in this article are both decorative and practical. The slightly folded "wooden blinds" protect against the transparency of the refurbished house, but can also be used as protection when the summer sun is too gurgling.

If you only want the gaps as an ornament, the suspension is simple. Then you do not need hinges without attaching the gaps directly to the facade. The appearance and dimensions of the windowsill are largely controlled if these are to be used or just as decorating. Before taking all measurements and doing a simple work outline, you should therefore have a clear idea of ​​the function of the doors.

Decoration slots should, for aesthetic reasons, be narrower than the slots for practical use. It is usually assumed that each gap measures approximately 1/3 of the entire width of the window. When making shutters designed for practical use, it must be aesthetic. Here, instead, it is important that the doors can shut up completely in the window, especially if they also act as a break-in protection. This type of shutters can of course also be lifted when the house is inhabited, provided there are plenty of storage spaces.

Select the right material for the shutters

Because shutters form part of the external carpentry, you should choose the material carefully . Keep in mind that wood, nails, glue and more are subjected to severe stresses with constant weather changes and temperature changes. If the wood is not pressurized, which does not always work well, you should preferably give the wood a good protection with oil or primer before assembling the door. The glue should be suitable for outdoor use and nails and other metal parts are best suited if they are hot galvanized. If you are careful about the manufacturing process, maintenance will be an easy match in the next few years.


One of the most important moments when making this kind of finsnicker work is when you take the mat. In addition to the dimensions of the frame to fit the window size, it is very important that all dimensions and markings for the recesses of tapping and tearing are precise. Even a slight miss can be of great importance when you put the frame together and get the slots in place. The basic principle of tap and wear is that these should not be more than 1/3 of the thickness of the wood. To get the perfect fit, you should measure and mark with zippers. Then you make the saw and the iron. Use a so-called lock bettel, which, unlike ordinary braces, has 45 ° angle eggs. The shape of the iron makes it easier to make perfect recesses.

Before you start working with the star, you will see exactly the markings. Use the gearbox wherever possible, so the risk is less that the saw is out of track.

Close the shutters correctly

If you intend to open and close the shutters, hang them on solid hinges. In order for the suspension to not be too easy to force in case of a break, the hinges should be mounted inside the cover. In this way, the fittings are only visible when the gaps are open. In addition, the metal is further protected against corrosion. If the house is left uninhabited and unattended for extended periods of time, it is advisable to complete a boom that is placed in special fittings on the outside of the gaps. You lock the boom from the inside of the house with bolt and wing nut through the window's center post. Window shutter for decoration attaches directly to the façade with fasteners intended for the substrate. Also, note that gaps of this kind should be easy to remove when these or the façade are to be maintained.

Worth knowing

If you want to cover window shutters to open and close, you should, like windows, avoid latex paint. This color type can stick together for a long time after the paint has dried and the doors become difficult to open. In the worst case, t over the wood can damage you when opening the clogged gaps. Use an alkyd oil paint instead if you want to cover.

If you want the wood's appearance to appear, instead, choose a laser of the appropriate color. The first ironing is done with unpainted lasagna, then you give 2 3 strokes with colored lasers. Keep in mind that the color becomes more saturated for each ironing. If you want to be extravagant, you can choose copper fittings and nails as decorating the hatches. Provided that the metal is consistent with the other details of the house, this may be the dot of the item. In addition, you do not have to spend time-consuming maintenance because copper is "aged" beautifully and without roasting.


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