Foundations at a wood-burning sauna? Here you will find good wood burning sauna tips when building a wood-burning sauna, sauna or sauna.

Woodburning stove - Good tips for building

Woodburning stove - Good tips for building

The classic wood-burning sauna has been renamed in our Swedish homes. As we spend more and more time in our bathrooms, the sauna again comes high on many homeowners' wish list. It also makes the supply of sauna room enormous on the market. Now, even those who are not crazy can mount their own sauna, and the sauna can seat next to any space.

Woodburning stove or power unit

Traditional sauna room is heated by wood burning. It is also a natural solution for those who want a separate sauna cabin outdoors, especially if it is located outside the country where the access to wood is large. The wood-burning sauna provides a genuine feel to the bath: the special smell, the anticipation of the warming and the simplicity of the design. The cozy crackling is then unbeatable under the bath. But the wood-burning sauna requires a little bit of piss. For many, however, it is a nuisance that only increases the enjoyment of the sauna bath.


To use a wood burning sauna, the unit must be connected to an existing chimney channel, or a chimney should be installed. This means that it requires some additional efforts and that the planning of the sauna area itself must be accurate. The installation also requires the approval of the chimney sweeper and usually also a building notification to the municipality. The alternative for many then becomes an elaggered instead. With a power supply, no chimney is required at all. What's negative is that the feeling of wood burning goes away.

Woodburning stove

Sauna cabins are lovely options for those who have a bigger plot. A sauna in a separate building is a good alternative in many different aspects, not least in terms of fire safety, but also from ventilation and moisture. Keep in mind that in a detailed area, building permits may be required in some cases. In other cases, if the cottage is counted as a free throw, certain rules and regulations shall be followed. The cottage must then be kept in some measure and must not be placed near the land boundary without the neighbor's consent. If the sauna is to be at the water, special rules apply. Contact the municipality for more information on where you live. Also, be aware that a wood-fired sauna emits smoke that can interfere with any neighbors.


In virtually any sauna cabins, almost any combs can occur. Many who run a budget variant choose a used kitchen stove. It warms well. On the other hand, it is both more beautiful, safer and easier to control a sauna. They can be made of iron, soapstone or ceramics. Those in iron may like to be water-jacketed so that, like the other models, they can maintain a consistent heat for a long time. A clever solution is to combine the wood burning stove in the house with a sauna unit. Then the stove in the house can be heated and heat is released to the sauna whenever it pleases. It has great advantages. Secondly, the total price for the stove for the house and the sauna is somewhat cheaper, and it will only be a single fireplace. No soot and no one gets dragged into the sauna itself. The size and the possible effect on the stove affects how fast the room is heated. It's a good idea to have a smaller fireplace for those who have plenty of time.


It's not necessary to get a sauna. It is nice to have a sauna even in a smaller dwelling and with a complete kit it can be easily mounted where it fits. The complete systems are often very easy to install and the packages include the most needed for a wonderful sauna experience. Floors, walls and ceilings, aggregates, lighting and seating are included in the packages. It's just building up and starting the sauna as long as the chimney is approved.


Gran and pine are classic building materials for a sauna. This does not mean that ash and abachi are excluded, on the contrary. These woods come strong as they are excellent building materials for a sauna. It is also possible to have simpler slabs with a slab on the outside for a cheaper version, and with glass panels, the sauna becomes luxurious and gets space. Al is also a beautiful alternative, which gives a nice feel and smell. The lava, that is, the seats are often of aspen, because it is a wood that does not get so hot, even if the surrounding air is. It's comfortable to sit on.

Build yourself?

It's not very difficult to build the sauna itself. But there is a difference in building a wood-burning sauna against an electrician. In the wood fired sauna there must be radiation protection against the wall and a firefighting board of fireproof material on the floor around the fireplace, except sparks will dissolve. A fireplace can be made of sheet metal, stone or veneer. The heater must not be positioned so that the wood in the sauna can fire, and the room should be easy to escape.

For that matter, it can be a fun hobby project that provides a unique sauna solution. What is important to remember is ventilation, and that the construction as mentioned is based on a fire safety perspective. Contact your local chimney sweeper for more information. In addition, he will inspect the firewood bastun's smoke duct before using it.

To complete the sauna sauna experience, it is advisable to plan a relaxation room, preferably with a shower or similar in connection with the sauna. Of course, it's also possible to let a carpenter build a sauna. It is also rootless.

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