Woodburning stove or woodburning stove for wood burning sauna is a classic option at the sauna. What to consider when choosing? Here you will find great tips for buying and choosing wood-burning units for your sauna.

Woodburning stove - Good wood burning stove stove

Woodburning stove - Good wood burning stove stove

With wood-burning stove or sauna, as it is also called, it is given that unique sauna feeling. It speaks about the wood, the flames form a beautiful shine, and the heat is spread both in soul and in space. Modern woodburning stove units are efficient, fuel efficient and easy to handle. However, they still require a lot of commitment to the warmth of the sauna. But if you're ready to spend some time at home, a wood-burning stove can be the option for you.

Woodburning stove requires safe installation

For those who want woodburning stove, a little extra is required. This applies to both installation and fire. This should be considered when installing and using the sauna unit:

- Chimney installation is required. It must be approved by a qualified person. There are ready packet kits to be purchased from most sellers of the aggregates. Read more about chimneys for saunas here.

- A wood-burning stove needs to be installed in a fire-proof manner. Correct distance to the wall and a floor cover plate is a must, unless heat protection is set. It also requires sufficient ceiling height. If the ceiling height is not met, a protective plate in the ceiling must be installed.

- You need to start cooking in time to get to the sauna before the evening ends.

- The water is not carried by itself and needs its space.

- Ash as Carried out and worn in is dirty.

The price for the sauna itself corresponds to approximately the price of a power unit. Then installation, chimney and any radiation protection jacket need to be added to the cost. This makes it more expensive to install than a power supply.


Make sure the stone magazine is spacious. The more stones, the better the bunkers heat the fireplace, and the heat feels softer and more comfortable according to many bathers.

Accessories that add value

- A water tank tank is insignificantly more expensive and adds value in several ways. The water holds and benefits heat in the room. The water can also be used for easier washing or pouring onto the rocks. Just keep in mind that the water tank must be filled when the oven is used to not break, and if the sauna is placed in a sauna where there may be a cold, the water tank must be emptied after use. For some models, a water pot can be purchased separately.

- For wood-fired units, a floor and ceiling protection plate and possibly protective jacket may be required to avoid risk of fire.

- Glass lid to make the flames look the sauna bath is an aesthetic experience. Today most saunas are equipped with this.

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