Do you think of wooden baths? Here you will find good tips on wooden bath tubs when buying and choosing wooden bathtubs for your bathroom.

Wooden baths - Good tips about wooden bathtubs

Wooden baths - Good tips about wooden bathtubs

Wood is a material that many people like a little bit more about. The living material is doing well in the Swedish environment and in our Nordic design. In the past, it was common for large wooden baths for washing. These disappeared for a long time, because wood was not considered hygienic in a bathroom. But today the trend has again turned. It is quite possible, and very beautiful, to install a beautiful wooden bath in the newly renovated bathroom. Wood is no longer taboo in the bathroom. Rather the opposite. Wooden baths are also suitable for outdoor seating, at least summertime.

Beautiful wooden bath tubs

Most of all, wooden baths are beautiful and comfortable elements in a bathroom. It is the number one number why so many choose the right wooden bath tub. With modern technology, where the surface treatment allows the wood to handle high moisture levels, we no longer need to shed the wood in our bathrooms. This opens a whole new world, and wood has become a bathroom trend. Gran and cypress, larch and oak and a variety of other woods are used to make beautiful living baths. Most are made of wood woven fabrics glued together into a beautiful vessel. The bathtub comes in a variety of shapes, ranging from sitting bath tubs to reclining bathtubs in kidney-shaped design. It is even possible to customize a beautiful wooden bath tub based on your own needs and wishes. Perhaps a small bath tub fits outside the sauna?

Disadvantages of wooden tubs

Bathtubs in wood are exclusive and cost a lot of purchases. Most versions are for those with the fat wallet. This is especially true if the newly purchased bathtub should also be combined with a beautiful wash cloth in the same material. However, there is also a tub that lasts in length. Wood ages beautifully and with proper maintenance it takes a long time before the tub needs to be replaced. After all, it is important to be careful about its wooden bath tub. It is sensitive to temperature differences and droughts. This applies even if most bathtubs are varnished or clear-painted to get as much protection as possible.


A wooden bath tub should be taken care of properly. Maintenance is important and when the surface treatment of the wood is not damaged, it is important to choose the correct cleaning solution. For example, it is not suitable for strong or corrosive chemicals in a wooden tub. Instead use mild detergents that do not break the surface of the surface. Scratches also need to be fixed as soon as possible. There, moisture can penetrate and destroy the wood.

Use often

The bathtub also needs to be used on a regular basis. It is therefore best suited in a residence where those who live there love to swim. When wood is a living material, slips will occur if the moisture in the wood is not maintained. Manufacturers recommend that bathtubs that are not to be used in four days are filled with a decimeter high water. The location itself is also important. The bathtub should not stand in direct sunlight or in a bathroom with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating causes the heat to spread in the bathtub from below, and the bathtub is not intended.


A wooden bath tub is a lovely outdoor shower. But then it is important to take care of it extra carefully. If there can be freezing temperatures, take it in well, and the vessel should never be placed in direct sunlight. Instead, choose a shaded area, and make sure it's always wet.

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