Thinking of wooden windows? Here you will find good tips on wood windows, quality, price and durability when choosing wood windows for your house.

Wooden Windows - Good Tips When Choosing Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows - Good Tips When Choosing Wooden Windows

The classic wood window gives the windows a solid expression. For older houses there is almost no alternative that can restore the true feel of wood. Wooden windows are also the most purchased windows on the market for all types of houses, the options in spite of. Old traditions are happily left, and wooden windows are often cheap to buy. However, they also need to be maintained over time, and maintenance requires a lot of work.


Whether or not a wooden window depends on a variety of factors. First of all, these windows come in different grades. What quality is kept depends on the type of wood used to manufacture the window. Most wood windows are made in pine, but here too there are several different qualities. The wooden windows made of nuclear power are more stable and durable from many aspects. Those who want a little more exclusive wooden windows can also choose echo or teak windows. Each tree has its characteristics, so it is important to get a grip on what wood is used for wood window purchases. Lark oak and teak are the most durable materials.

Surface treatment

The quality of the surface treatment is, in addition to the quality of wood, crucial for how long a wooden window stays fresh. Windows made during the 1970s and 1980s, which have been cheap to buy, often have a substandard surface treatment that requires a lot of work by the owner of the house to get fresh again. It has also made the window windows have a reputation for requiring more maintenance than they actually do. Modern wooden windows are often lacquered according to industry methods that make sustainability clear beyond the old generation's wooden windows. These methods make the paint really penetrate the wood and provide a sturdy and durable surface to protect the weather. Until then, your own maintenance will affect the life of the wood. It also does the quality of the glass.

Environmental friendliness

One aspect that speaks for wooden windows is the environmental issue. Wood is a natural material. In addition, the production of the windows will not cost as much energy as a PVC or aluminum window makes. But for the environment, a wooden window can actually be a less good choice. Because the wood needs to be treated with both paint and oil, and some paint removers on it. These contain less environmentally friendly substances, sometimes pure poison, and affect nature in this way instead. Until there will be many wooden windows over time, there will be slipping and slipping. This means that the risk of cold breeds becomes significant over the years, which costs a lot of energy in the form of heating the house.


Another reason for choosing wooden windows is the unique feeling the material gives. It may seem like next to a full moon to put aluminum or PVC windows in an old century change villa, or at the farmhouse where most of it should feel genuine and nice. Wood is a living and very beautiful material, which many think very well about. It is also possible to paint wooden windows in any color, both in full and more transparent colors. Only the imagination sets the limit for the color of a wooden window.

Price versus durability

Wooden windows are relatively cheap to buy if we ignore the prices set for wood windows. which are made of hardwood. This makes them attractive in the market. But when it comes to the total cost it is possible to discuss how affordable they really are. Wood ages quickly, even though the wood is treated properly. It requires window cleaning and maintenance, which costs both on time and in cash. According to recommendations, a wooden window should be painted every seventh every ten years, depending on age and color choice. Oiled wood windows must be treated each year. It is not only a disadvantage, of course, that the wood is both scratched and painted. An old wooden window can be as new when it's renovated and can last for hundreds of years if it's ok. It can not do a PVC or aluminum window, at least not as widely known by the manufacturers.

Aluminum Cladded

An option to get an affordable as well as a durable window is to choose a wooden window that is clad with aluminum instead. The aluminum profile protects the wood properly and makes the window virtually maintenance free. On the inside, however, there is a classic wood feel. If not, it could be an alternative to really exposed windows on the house. Anyone who wishes, can also dress their existing windows with aluminum to make them more resistant to the Nordic climate.

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